Minh Phu Corporation

Through the possession of closed and responsible value chains; Minh Phu aims to build a complete ecosystem, bringing good value to all concerned members, putting Vietnam on the world map as a supplier of top quality shrimp. .

At Minh Phu, we continuously combine experience, creativity and responsibility across the entire shrimp production value chain, from start to finish. Our mission is to provide the global market with the best, cleanest and most nutritious Vietnamese shrimp products; At the same time, it gives consumers the best peace of mind and the best experience on every table, at every meal.

What makes the difference in Minh Phu is that we manufacture our products not only based on normal consumer needs but also driven by cultural and historical values ​​and sustainable development goals. such as: ensuring food safety and hygiene, protecting the environment, balancing social benefits and caring for the interests of livestock.



Currently, Minh Phu has a total of 10 member companies, including 4 shrimp processing factories and 8 affiliated companies. Each member is an important link in the whole shrimp production value chain of Minh Phu.

Minh Phu's member company